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Fayetteville, NC

Fayetteville - it's not Fayette-nam any more - 10/1/2021
I've lived in the area for a little over ten years - after moving around to many, many places in my career - and I find that Fay is overall pretty much average. Most of the complaints about the crime rate, traffic, the weather, the schools, etc., are not much different than in other places that I have lived, but of course there's lots of room for improvement. Advantages are fairly mild winters, a reasonable cost of living [the BestPlaces CoL lowballs the housing costs due to the fact that Fay has a wide variety of high-end gated communities, tract houses, and crappy trailer courts], being not far from some nice Atlantic beaches, and the presence of a large military base in the area. Disadvantages are fairly hot, muggy summers, a lack of nicer restaurants and cultural venues, a long drive to the mountains, and the presence of a large military base in the area.

Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego - 8/3/2007
The quality of life is pretty good here, although you do pay for it. L.O. is clean, fairly compact and well-appointed with schools, stores, parks and the other amenities necessary for a comfortable "bedroom community". If you avoid I-5 the commute into downtown Portland is fairly manageable.

Update: September 30, 2023: My son visits the Portland area frequently to see old school friends, etc.. He reports that L.O. has gotten more crowded, with more traffic, but that it has not been directly affected by the nonsense that has been going on downtown since 2020.

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