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Portland, OR

Homogenous, gloomy, and ultra PC - 1/10/2018
This place is incredily overrated. I do NOT understand how this place became so popular. There is no diversity of thought, style, interests, or political views. Forget about racial diversity. This is the whitest big city in America. For its reputation as being so progressive and open minded, I find it exhaustingly conformist and provincial. I lean left politically, but I respect other people’s views. Here, don’t even think of voicing a political opinion or food for thought that veers anywhere middle or right. Everyone thinks the same and spouts the same PC sayings. I respect other people’s views, but I keep quiet at work because EVERYONE pretty much hates religion, hates Republicans or anyone who isn’t very liberal, or is in any way “mainsteam”. All the women have the same hair (with bangs and a quirky color— purple, green, burnt orange, blue), wear no makeup, talk about how feminist they are (I am feminist, too, but good grief), and consider anything related to mainstream fashion or beauty or anything at all girly or fun or just DIFFERENT from them to be beneath them. I have never worked around so many exhausting people who all think and do the same things. And yes, I am moving out of here soon.

Oh my goodness, and I didn’t even mention the gloomy weather. Well, it is infamously grey and dark and damp, but its the citizens that make it even worse. Bye Oregon. I won’t miss ya.

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