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Palm Harbor, FL

re: help me - 12/21/2012
- 12/15/2014
Not sure if you're still looking since this your's an old posting but I wouldn't advise Florida to anyone.. Jobs scarce, apartments pricey & Florida is not as inexpensive as people are led to believe just because there is no state tax they do get you in the end.. Been here 20 yrs & its not getting any easier..

Port Charlotte, FL

re: YUK!!!! - 8/20/2012
- 2/4/2013
@ yuk.. I've been here 20 yrs & I agree with you. I moved down to Florida at the behest of a friend (we no longer speak to each other) & retired early & I believed the B.S of how cheap Florida is. I forgot she had a triple income. However, even for one person the pension & social security doesn't go far & hard to get a job when you're over 70. Every 2 years I move to another county hoping to escape the snowbirds who leave their driving skills up north & the manners there too that's providing that had any of either. Wish I could go home because Florida will never be my home only a place where I live & many feel that way. The apartment communities here in Florida are a bunch of thieves & liars & not sure how they all sleep at night raking tenants over the coals. @james sorry the truth hurts..

Clearwater, FL

re: places to live - 2/3/2012
- 10/6/2012
If you're smart you won't come to Florida. Beware of ALL apartment communities in this state. I moved to Florida in 1995 from up north & still in disbelief how apartment communities get away with what they do. Don't believe the hype about Florida its not an inexpensive place to live anymore. Do your homework & don't believe what you read on apartment websites tour the places on the weekends when your potential neighbors are home. Good Luck

New Port Richey, FL

re: New Port Richey - 7/11/2010
- 4/11/2012
@ AJ.. "except people who are low income WHO RENT " I resent your "assumptions" I rent & believe me I am NOT LOW INCOME.. I rent because that is what I choose to do & its much easier when you are a single senior woman to rent & not have to worry about repairs & updates.. So please keep your "incorrect assumptions & bias" to yourself.. BTW this entire state of Florida is known as the "pill mill capital" dealers & pushers come from all over to buy their pills here in case you haven't read the papers lately.. TIA

Ocala, FL

Slooooocala - 5/19/2008
they don't call it slooocala for nothing.. First, it is extremely expensive to live here in Ocala which is why after five year's I am moving.. Thou must be rich to live here is really the motto here.. Second, the amount of undocumented people living here creates a job crunch for those of us that are citizen's and cause wages to be low.. The horse farm owner's appear to have a lock in on wage's.. Ocala used to be a nice place to live but not any more too many big name people living here has created a "money" atmosphere.. and talk about slowwwwwwwww moving..

Ocala, FL

slowcala - 3/23/2008
They don't call it slowcala for nothing. Thing's move at a slow pace here. Moved to Ocala from Oviedo in 2003 when I bought a small home here which I sold in 2006. Being retired I thought it would be an inexpensive place to live, boy was I wrong. And the rent's are high for a single person on social security and a small pension. Ocala is for the rich and famous and that must be why so many of them live here and why the town is so star struck. I had lived in Naples Fla for four year's and Ocala is now catching up with them in cost of living and they also have star's in their eyes. Because the horse farm owner's here have a strong say in thing's it's hard to get a job in other fields that pay well the horse farm owner's don't want to lose their help to higher paying jobs. If your going to live here I hope you have deep pocket's and speak more than one language..

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