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Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Accounting/Auditing


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Reviews & Comments

Lutz, FL

Too many empty houses - 7/28/2009
There are so very many foreclosures in Lutz it is awful. In the gated communities, there is at least a foreclosure every other street. If you check the web site for child molesters, there are plenty in Lutz. Not the safest place for kids.

Palm Harbor, FL

Not that cheap - 7/19/2009
The review states Palm Harbor is less costly than the US average. I don't know where they get this information from. The local grocery store, God Love it, Publix is so expensive. You do need to find a SuperTarget/Walmart in order to be able to eat well. I'm not talking steak and lobster either. I am from CA and in FL, they charge you for everthing, CA doesn't. Yes, I will be going back. The rents that are low are 9 out of 10 in a bad area.

Fair Oaks, CA

Housing Discrimination - 7/4/2008
I applied for and was approved for an apartment in Fair Oaks. Later (I do not need to expose my being disabled) when I stated I had a Service Animal, my approval was pulled back. I know this is just this one complex, however, it left a very bad taste in my mouth. We decided to move somewhere else.

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Do Not Move Here - 7/29/2007
- 7/4/2008
I was going to move to CA. Was approved for an apartment, when I said I had a Service Animal, the approval was pulled back! Can't wait to come to Colorado Springs. The complex I am moving into more than welcomed me and my Service Animal!

Holiday, FL

Holiday is OK - not GREAT - 7/23/2007
We've lived in Holiday for 6 months. The area is an OK area, nothing fancy and this is exactly why you are buying here. It is located in Pasco county, not Pinellas where you will spent a lot more in taxes, food, housing and everything else under the sun. Regarding Doctors, the whole state is a let down. All the doctors seem to be on the verge of having their license pulled. I was fortunate and ran into a specialist who is great. Genuinely concerned with my health. These doctors are rare and require ALOT of trial and error in the State of FL. I'm not singling FL out, however, I've lived in other states and the Health Care if so much better. It is HOT and HUMID here 10 months out of the year, just be prepared. People are generally nice. There is an education barrier, especially if you are from the North - anywhere North. All-in-all, we are happy here. Good Luck!

Greer, SC

Cost of Living
- 1/26/2006
I moved from Palm Harbor, FL to Greer, SC. Yes, my rent was cheaper and so was the gasoline, but, that was it! I went into the grocery store and was shocked at the prices. Eating out is cheaper (albeit expensive too) than eating in. Haven't received my first utility bill yet but I'm sure it will be high. During this time of the year, I didn't need heat or air conditioning in Florida. Here, I need the heat, plus the fireplace. I don't work but was seeking part-time employment and wasn't able to find anything. When I did find something, the wages were close to minimum wage. Also, if you have a dog and are used to going to the dog park, good luck! There are none in this area. We are going back to Florida in May.

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