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CA NV RN, renewing license to go back to work as nurse, ex-ski instructor Tahoe, spent most of my life in the SF Bay Area, but 6th grade to first year out of high school was in Ashand , Oregon which I still call home town, even though ten years in Pac Heights SF, parents in peninsula now, Los Altos Hills and Saratoga$$$the money area of Silly Valley, as it's called these days, but not when I grew up in what is now Silicon Valley...used to pick apricots and cherries on the land that Apple Computers now sits. Expert snow skier, and sailboarder and used to race ULDB's and one designs SF Bay with Olympic Class sailors, got sick of men thinking the tiller was an extension of their you-know-what and began bareboat captaining yachts up to 40 feet for me and afriend or two in three oceans in the 80's and 90's. this past 18 years has been dedicated to staying in one place to raise my son who is about to fly the nest for college. (haven't worked as an RN since '92, but it's on my list of things to do again, psychiatric specialty from UCSF Mt Zion, Meninger's SFBay Campus, and Marin General were where I clocked in.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Healthcare - RNs & Nurse Management
Enjoys: read read read, write , the NYTimes junkie and huge fan of Gail Collins and Krugman, ski, sail, hike, paint, and did i say read


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Reviews & Comments

Chapel Hill, NC

good place to send your kid to college? - 1/4/2013
thank you for your posts about Chapel Hill. What I've read on this site precludes my son from applying to go to college here. he won't apply.

My son was applying to public schools as his Safety schools: NC Chapel Hill and U Dub(Washington State) and UCberkeley and UCLA as his four 'safety' (Cal Berkeley isn't a safety being right up their with Most Selective privates) but these are the publics he's applyikng or was til reading your posts.

he's applying to privates in MN, VT, NH, NJ, NYC, D.C.,PA, SoCal,and we let one college in from the South, Emory in Atlanta GA. We found there is too much racism, and Greek life, and quietly, ever polite, uppity white people (I'm White,very White blonde blue) left over in the South for our CA, NV tastes. And specifically why Vanderbuilt is a big NO.

We nixed these three VA schools after another college website convinced us. We liked three in VA: U VA (public), William and Mary, and Washington and Lee were high on the list of 20 Most Selective schools he's applying until we read something about the state laws and police harassment in the state of VA against college students (College Confidential or College Prowler). So no apps to a VA school.

Your information, on Sperling, about life and gangs in Chapel Hill will prevent my son from applying. If he has to deal with this element he might as well be in NYC with the benefit of a real city or Swarthmore near Phillie, or UCLA in L.A....,or the Greek nut-scene at Dartmouth (Animal House fame) cause at least he can ski (expert skier coming from Tahoe).

Minnesota and BYU is looking better and better all the time. wish the U.S. miliary academies had the level of academic excellence as some of our fines private institutions, because there's little drinking, sex, and cheating at West Point, USAFA, and Annapolis I hear...they do have trouble with rapes, but Princeton is right up there with them...what is it about white entitled young men and rapes (Ted Kennedy's nephew immediately comes to mind)?

BTW, we're very white, 1st generation German, so felt free to make the racist quote.

Also we here the military academies do not treat equitably all the major world religions by showing great deference and preference and brownie points given to only Christians. Not good.

So, aloha Chapel Hill. off the list. too bad Hawaii doesn't have Most Selectives, it's where my son was born and lived some of his life.

good luck to all seaching for Heaven on Earth.

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