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San Jose, CA

High tech haven - 10/8/2017
I have lived in San Jose' since 1983 so it would bode well to listen to my advice if you're planning to live here.

San Jose' is no different than any other major city around the country. It's got entertainment, awesome eateries, opera, theaters, major sports team ... but again, nothing you can't get from any other large cities. And like other major cities, it's got horrific traffic, crimes (but still one of the safest big cities), homeless ... It would be no different than Seattle, Denver, Chicago ... Now, here is where San Jose' differs - Weather is near perfect. Rarely, if ever, do you plan your activity around the weather report. Most of the time, it will be between 55 to 80 degrees 365 days out of the year. I know that's a big range, but that's 365 days. And during winter, we just hope and pray for rain - that's the only time when your plans change. It is also within an hour or less drive away from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Napa ... and other incredible locations. And the most important difference - high tech. Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, AMD, eBay, payPal, Yahoo ... you name it, it's all within 5 to 10 mile radius of each other. Than there is San Francisco - which is a short drive away with host of other tech companies.

In short, like any other city - except - near perfect weather, proximity to major tourist attractions you can visit on weekends, surfing, ocean ... AND high tech! That means, it's extremely expensive. The MOST expensive place in the country. Don't even think about coming here if you're planning on buying a house and you don't have million dollars (any house - I'm not talking about a mansion - I'm talking about a dump).


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