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Port Charlotte, FL

Most depressing place I've ever lived - 3/12/2014
I don't think there are any words to express my frustration with this town. I unfortunately wasted 6 years of my life living in this place. Good for the commenters who have found happiness here. In my opinion, this is a terrible place for families and working age people. Not a good place to raise kids or find a decent job by any means. Good place if you're retired and don't have to worry about finding income. Everyone loves the cheap rent but you will only make about $20,000 per year here on average. A lot of the communities are drug run because of the lack of employment. The crime rate is just retarded here. Everything nice seems to be reserved for seniors only. Only in Florida! This was a nice place 20 years ago, now its just over populated and slummy in most areas. They've rebuilt a lot after hurricane Charley, but still lacks charm. There is not a scratch of culture here either. A lot of the natives I found to be childish, two-faced and inconsiderate. People here are very in to each others business and when you keep to your self or tell them to back off they assume that your stuck up or rude, which is typical southern idiocy. I'm not saying every native but a good majority of them, everywhere you go will have its share of good and bad people. But anyway this place is certainly not for me. There are far better places in FL to go. Unless you retired I do not recommend coming here.

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