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Denver, CO

Transplants are evil - 9/20/2019
Let me tell you a little bit about the transplants. The people who are moving here are shockingly mean and rude. They will cut you in line because you aren’t wearing expensive designer clothing, they nearly knock women and children down on the sidewalk because they are in too much of a hurry to go buy their expensive cocaine, they treat black and Latino people like sh$t but claim they aren’t racist because they never said the n-word, they are passive aggressive, they scream at exhausted working class people for accidentally dropping trash on the ground while they drive their huge gas guzzling suvs and refuse to support public transportation, L. I could write a book about all the ways that transplants are pretentious nouveau riche assholes but you can’t the point. They hate the working class and non white people yet they claim to be super woke progressives. Don’t move to Denver unless you love fake, lying, rude, plastic LA because Denver is LA 2.0

Denver, CO

Angry Natives... But Still a Nice Place - 7/22/2019
I’m all for everybody moving here. Unfortunately I cannot go one day without watching an angry entitled selfish transplant from another major city like New York starting a fight with random people in public places to assert their sense of entitlement. Denver used to be the friendliest city in America. Now I feel like I have to always be vigilantly prepared to defend myself or other people from angry violent transplants. Furthermore these perpetrators are nearly always financially well off and well dressed and not homeless. Your kind drove the middle class out of Denver and are now rubbing salt in the wound by lashing out at natives in public places.

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