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Las Vegas, NV

Trying to be fair in my review - 7/31/2020
I recently went to Vegas on a 7 day vacation to see my new granddaughter. First the pluses: I like the mountainous views, the lights of the strip and the weather. Now the negatives: Most of the people that were nice to us were in the service industry such as on the strip or at a restaurant serving us. At places like stores such as grocery and Walmart the workers tended to be rude and or just didn't care to help the customers find what they were looking for and I even had an employee yell at me for trying to get a cart that he was getting ready to take back into the store. For a state that gives its citizens a pretty good social safety net compared to my home state of Texas, the people in Nevada seem to be just miserable. Back here at home at the stores the employees will go out of their way to help a customer find what they are looking for yet in Vegas at one Walmart 4 out of 5 employees pointed me to the wrong part of the store for an item and not one of them offered to show me in person where it was. I felt like they were being bothered by me asking a question. And certain items that were not expensive were locked up and when I jokingly asked if there was alot of thieves around the employee responded "unfortunately yes". They had a $3.97 pliers locked up and the detergent PODS. Houston is flat and hot and humid in the summer but it is diverse and the people are friendly and will go out of their way to help you. Vegas is fun to visit but I will take Houston as a place to live over Vegas anytime. Im sure that there are nice strangers in Vegas it's just that I didn't meet many.

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