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Clemmons, NC

Clemmons/Winston-Salem - 1/25/2016
Interested in relocating to the Clemmons/Winston Salem area from Virginia. Any advice? My husband and I are empty-nesters, and we are looking for a small town feel but still close enough to the city for employment. Interested in a place where community is embraced and people are excepted for who they are and what their character is, not for where they're from. We would like to become part of a community and put down rates to live out the rest of our lives there. Any insight is appreciated.

Lewisville, NC

re: A Community Life - 1/5/2007
- 1/15/2016
Heather-How open is Lewisville to accepting people from other states who want to relocate there? Heard conflicting information and was told to avoid all the small towns if you don't have family there or aren't a native because you are viewed as an outsider.

Clemmons, NC

Acceptance of newcomers - 1/15/2016
We are considering a move to the Clemmons area and wanted to know how accepting the community is of newcomers. We are looking for a small town where people look out for each other and we can live out the rest of our lives. Unfortunately we have encountered some prejudice where we are now and we're told that any of the areas such as Clemmons, Kernersville, etc pretty much shun you if you don't have family in the area. Looking for some honest answers.

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