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Rosemont, CA | 1 Review(s)

Grew up in Sacramento and I am currently a student at Sacramento State. Avid distance and mountain runner.


Life Stage: Young and Single
Enjoys: Running, music.


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Sacramento, CA

Bit of a downer... - 7/13/2019
I'm 21 years old and I've lived in Sac my whole life. I have always enjoyed the K-12 schools in Sacramento (albeit in the nicer parts of the city). The recreation and sports department of the city is one of its best qualities. I'm a distance runner and Sacramento offers some of the best road races in the state. California International Marathon is an especially outstanding event. Old Sac in the downtown area is also a neat place to visit.
However, Sacramento State is a different story. The school is nice enough, but parking has to be some of the worst in the country and everyone commutes to and from school, fabricating a very mind-your-own-business environment. Not to mention classes are impossible to get.
Sac weather is hotter than the Sun and I typically flee to the Sierras for the summer. The central location isn't bad. The city is about 2 hours from everywhere, it seems (SF, Tahoe, Redding, etc.).
My biggest gripe with the city is probably the traffic. Even at 1 pm on a Wednesday, it seems like the highways are jam-packed. Getting to know the streets well is almost an essential to getting places on-time.
Finally, the homeless issue is out of control. It seems like things have been getting worse over time. The bike trail that spans approximately 34 miles from Discovery Park in Downtown Sac to Beals Point in Folsom is not as pretty as it no-doubt used to be. I ran the thing in one go and the first seven miles near Discovery Park are so overgrown with brush and homeless camps, I honestly wonder if the city even cares anymore. Might as well cut the crap and name that part of the city a "Hooverville."
Sac has redeeming factors, but I won't be there much longer.

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