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Keller, TX

New from O.C. California - 9/8/2007
I just moved to Keller in February with my husband and our 13 and 15 year olds. I grew up in Orange County California and have always been partial to the cities in South Orange County. However, I can definitely vouch for the quality of life here in Keller, TX. The people are friendly and there are lots of entertainment options for families, such as the Fort Worth Zoo, the Kimball Art Museum, The Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe or not Museum in Grand Praire as well as Six Flags over Texas only 30 minutes away in Arlington. If you like the beach, it's about an 8 hour drive to Corpus Christi, if you like to ski, it's about 8 hours to a good Colorado ski resort. There are lakes and fishing etc., The weather is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have been here since February so we got to see the last bit of a cold snap in the 30's at night and 50's during the day. No big deal we had days like that in Lake Forest, CA. Also everyone griped about how terrible the Summer was after I said I was from CA. Again, much ado about nothing for me. I lived in Laguna Niguel and experienced days of the same type of humidity minus the heat which again was no big deal. It gets HOT in SoCal too. April and May were the only months I did not enjoy as according to locals we had an unusally high volume of tornado warnings. And lots of rain and thunderstorms. Again, no big deal as no tornado ever touched ground here and I honestly would be more concerned about an earthquake in Ca than being touched by a Tornado here in North Texas. At least we get a warning here. I think keller is a great place to live, however if I had seen Southlake first I would have bought there instead as it offers so many of the same amenities and luxuries that I experienced in O.C. We plan to buy in Southlake next year and rent our current home to somebody else. We find ourselves driving to Southlake to shop and see movies at Townsquare often . It's only a 15 minute drive from our home here in Keller and the shopping is to die for. Housing is so reasonable here, gas is cheaper, utilities are WAY cheaper. Our electric and gas bill in Ca was $800.00 in August but we only paid $250.00 here with both upstairs and downstairs units running constantly. We are happy to be here. And with the $$ we save on housing and expenses we can easily afford to visit friends and family in Califorina. LOTS of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. We just started a business here www.couponcouriers.com and started the class

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