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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Real Estate/Mortgage


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Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs & Naples - 4/8/2008
After being in Fort Myers for several months now, I have been to Bonita Springs and Naples a few times each for the beaches and sightseeing. In addition driving through these areas are like night and day in comparison to Fort Myers. Naples and Bonita Springs being Day, Fort Myers being Night. Naples looks the newest, though. Although, the people in Bonita Springs seem to be much friendlier. I like both. Since I haven't been to Marco Island or Sanibel yet, I must say the clearest water (meaning you can see the bottom) I've seen yet is between Lover's Key Park between Bonita Beach and Fort Myers Beach and Vanderbilt Beach.

Fort Myers, FL

Dunbar to Downtown-Fort Myers, FL - 3/25/2008
Fort Myers has its decent looking areas and moderate to rundown areas. Dunbar is a moderate to rundown area (about a 1-2 miles from downtown near the FleaMaster Flea Market. Not recommended as a place to live, although it is fairly quiet at night. However, the job market doesn't seem too good. Most of the contractors say their business is slow. If someone with nothing more than a High School Diploma does find a job, the pay is not as decent as say the state of Virginia, for example. However Captiva Island is another story accoring to my research. That area seems to pay well.

Also, I would not recommend Fort Myers Beach. Too much seaweed and the water looks like any other beach. It's not aqua by any means.

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