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Huntsville, AL

re: Beautiful. - 1/24/2008
- 3/12/2016
Do you still like it? I'm considering a move and would love to know if you continued to like living there.

Huntsville, AL

re: Average Southern City - 2/2/2015
- 3/12/2016
What would you say to someone contemplating a career move, in the field of education, to Huntsville? The weather is a non-issue since I love even further south, but it's time for a change.

Hattiesburg, MS

Is it time to leave? - 3/12/2016
Hattiesburg is generally a pleasant city to live in and raise a family, and is a convenient for several weekend destinations, but I'm seriously contemplating a move. Maybe I've become jaded, and maybe it's just time for a fresh start, but after spending more than half of my life in this fair city, most of the changes I'm noticing aren't positive ones. Sure, there are interesting things going on...plenty of high school and college sports, festivals, a few fun antique/vintage boutiques, some interesting downtown revitalization which has been a long time in the making, and the Biloxi Shuckers recently stolen from Huntsville, Alabama, and now just down the road...but in general, daily living in this city feels like wading daily through the muck.

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