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Houston, TX

- 2/4/2019
So basically, what we have here is a Left winged progressive, that wanted the positives of living in a invirament where ALL people are welcome. Regardless of political views and found out that also meant the "white republicans".

I am a multi racial woman. There are people of all political and religious backgrounds here. You can live and you wish and say what you wish. That's the beauty of Texas.

This person also exaggerates events that were held at the time for expression of freedom of speech.

Texas loves their guns. There were event where people brought their weapons to show the then presidency that they supported the second ammendment. That a big difference from a supposed " armed protest against obama".

Then this commentor complains about a rally? For real? So again because people are allowed to have freedom of expression and it is a view this person didn't like they gave the area a terrible rating.

Let me tell you the Houston area I know.

There are literally almost a even amount of Dems and Repubs. Neither have a large amount of extremists. There are a few nuts on both sides In texas you will not be protected from views you disagree with because you and everyone else is allowed to state them.

The mean people happen but they are not accepted by the culture as a whole

Most neighborhoods are well mixed. Some lean more Hispanic, Some Black, Some White. As long as you are kind and know how to take a joke, you will be fine.

The area is beautiful and a subtropical climate. The cost of living is way lower then the High taxes area of Miami. There is a great deal to do here and is not far from Dallas or San Antonio.

You just have to be willing to accept all people for who they are and not try to change in into the very place you left. Accept the place for the freedom you recieve.

Springfield, OR

Not for large families or not for parental rights. - 2/4/2019
I lived her from Sept 2012 to Dec 2018. It was ok at first. Over the years the whole area has become.more and more unfriendly to moderate democrats, centrist or conservative people. If you have very large families it can be a issue for some people. The prices are insane. It is frankly unlivable. The people seem to think only rich people own houses and they just keep raising taxes higher and higher.

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