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Henrietta, NY

Review of the general area around Henrietta - 10/26/2010
As a southern suburb of Rochester, Henrietta's location is perfect from a convenience of living perspective. It is close to the North , South Interstate 390 and the East West I-90 NYS Thruway. All services, stores, etc are within a 5 mile radius. Henrietta has the lowest property taxes in the county. Traffic is generally light except at "Rush Hour" but even then compared to some other areas of the country....it's tolerable.
You have your choice of other suburb areas around the city also. You can find just about any location in the area with equal offerings of convenience and quality of living.
The weather is always changing, so you don't get bored. Summer is pleasant with a few stretches of heat and humidity. Spring and Fall are very pleasant but again can be rainy for short spells. The winters vary and are unpredictable due to the proximity to the lakes. "Lake effect" storms can bury us and it can get very cold but usually for short periods. It can also be green and 70º on Christmas. You just never know. Rarely is there any Severe weather.
The economy is generally very stable including home prices and the job market. We weathered the recession fairly well.
This is owing to the widely diverse employment and business base.
All in all the area is a great place to live.

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