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Rockville, MD

Land of opportunities BUT.... - 10/11/2011
Like the title says, the Rockville, MD area is filled with opportunities. But if you don't have a pretty high standing job then I hope you have a rich uncle. I may be exaggerating a bit but i'm just trying to emphasize just how expensive the standard of living is. Owning a house or just renting an apartment is depressing being the amount you pay. The price you pay for a house here, you can buy two houses just two states away.

I will say that it is quite a nice place here and the surrounding areas such as Gaithersburg and Germantown are pretty nice as well. DC is not too far away and has many exhibits and tourists spots to explore.

Traffic is pretty horrible. I can't really sugar coat it or deceive anyone into thinking it's anything but horrible. It does surprise me though that car insurance isn't that expensive.

The education system is one of the top in the country. Sometimes it ranks at least top 3 in the US.

Crime isn't really an issue but you'll have a few hoodlums that trickle out from DC or Baltimore which are the places that are filled with their problems.

But bottom line is that Rockville offers a nice amount of opportunities and if you're used to paying high amounts in rent or mortgage then perhaps Rockville shoudn't be a problem.

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