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Tyler, TX

Pros and Cons other haven't mentioned - 11/11/2021
My husband and I moved to a cabin in the woods just outside Tyler in 2007, so we've been here almost 15 years.
Pros that other reviewers haven't mentioned:
1. very little wind
I hate windy weather. Tyler is literally the worst place in the US for a wind generator.
2. It's quiet, compared to other places. You rarely hear other people's music when you are sitting in traffic. Sirens are infrequent overall. There are no traffic or police helicopters. Very little air traffic noise. Restaurants generally play pleasant music and have TVs turned down low.
3. no freeways.
Otherwise, I agree with most of the other reviewers, except for the comments about drug addicts. I haven't encountered that.
When we first moved here, a local woman told me that people who live in East Texas just want to be left alone. I have found that to be true, esp. the people in the country.
Cons that no one has mentioned: snakes year round. We have a lot of warm days in the winter and snakes sometimes come out with temps in the 50s and 60s.
Also, guns: if you live outside town, expect to hear your neighbors shooting their guns (target practice.) My neighbor is especially obnoxious. He shoots for hours at at time on beautiful days and holidays.


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