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Dallas, TX

Not good. Not good, at all. - 6/17/2021
I have lived in Dallas, as well as areas around the Dallas Metroplex, for over 20 years. With that said, what I have seen in that time, has not been overly pleasing; and is not improving.

Property taxes are high, and getting higher. Actually buying a home has become a challenge for the average person...And that started BEFORE Covid. Property taxes jumped 40 percent around 2018; another 60 percent, the following year. No end in site. Alot of Gentrification of neighborhoods...I live in a nice neighborhood, but not fancy. Small houses built in the 50s, 700 to 1100 square feet. This area would run 50 to 80k, 5/6 years ago. Houses are now averaging 200k plus...Taxes around 4k a year. For a small house....Wood frame, 2 /3 bedroom- 1 bath. House across the street sold for 84k five years ago...now worth 249k.

Traffic is brutal, and getting worse. Even with expansion of freeways, and toll areas, the afternoon jam usually starts around 3 pm on the highways, and you will not get much relief with back roads. Count on an hour commute, for an 11 mile, one way drive.

Air quality is horrible. Between pollution, dust, mold, and various other factors, it is not good for any that have allergies, or any other respritory issue.

Weather is another issues. The Summer temps are like a blast furnace. Though there tends to be wind, it does nothing to help comfort levels outside. Summer temps start before Summer is officially here, and it's not out of the ordinary, for 100 degrees in October. What's left of the year is very erratic.

Food and Culture offerings, however, are wonderful, and very diverse. BUT, expect to pay a pretty penny for museums, gardens, etc.

The public school system in Dallas proper, has been less than on par, since I have lived here.

Overall Dallas, and surrounding areas, are not something I would recommend. But, if you can afford the exaggerated cost of living. Can stand sitting in traffic for eternity. Don't have a problem with the weather.. and constant humidity. And have a household income of over $100k a year...This may be the place for you.

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