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Noblesville, IN | 2 Review(s)

I love pizza, true crime, and getting a pedicure.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library


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Noblesville, IN

Dreary and gray - 2/2/2009
Moving from a place with over 300 days of sunshine per year to this place has been uh... difficult.

Most months out of the year you cannot get outside to do anything. The winter is frigid and the summer too humid. Spring and fall is acceptable. Better join a gym if you come here, and get one of those sun lamps so you don't get SAD.

Noblesville, IN

Moved to Noblesville, IN and very disappointed - 2/2/2009
We moved to one of the "Best Places" but are very disappointed in all aspects of this city. First, our realtor did not do a good job and let us get taken advantage of (very badly) by the builder. Second, our house, made by a famous nationwide builder is poorly constructed, poorly insulated, poorly designed, and costs a fortune to heat and cool. Third, the yards are unusually small for a city and state with so much land. Fourth, the people here are backwards and clique-ish. Fourth, there are no jobs! I have a Master's and have applied again and again and gotten zero response. Fifth, the kids around here are rough and I do not want my child playing with them. Sixth, the neighbors do not care for their properties. The weeds grow and grow all summer long. Seventh, the cops are gun-ho here. My tags on my very recently purchased car expired (Go figure!) because we ended up somehow only purchasing three month plates. The cop pulled me over and despite my perfectly clean record, he ticketed me! No warning, no chance to comply, etc. but gave me a $130 ticket. I went to court and argued out of it, but the cops love to rake in that revenue. Everyone speeds here and you see people pulled over all the time. If I could do it all over again, I would not have chosen Noblesville, IN.

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