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Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Finance/Economics


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Orlando, FL

NO GO FOR SINGLE BRO! - 7/4/2020
Born in Jersey, lived in the heart of NYC my entire life, so a part of me will always love NY. Anyway, got into my 30’s and started looking at my future regarding marriage and kids, felt it was time to leave because I didn’t want to raise kids in the city. NY is great for a single guy, but I didn’t want to be selfish and date a women only to have her leave her friends and family behind just for me. Originally I went to L.A and absolutely hated the scene there with the whole celebrity, wannabe famous, who do you know social image nonsense. Went to San Fran and loved it but it was too expensive. Was planning to go to Texas but had a College buddy living in Lake Mary which was 20 min north of Orlando who offered a stay, so why not.

Seriously you can experience everything Orlando has to offer by just going there on vacation. For a single dude it was completely underwhelming and sometimes dreadful. My bud had one of those dating apps and most of the girls I saw on there were average looking. I always been a fitness buff so most of the women I meet and dated were from the Gyms I worked out at. But even then, other than their nice bodies I never clicked or felt excited for any of them, the dates were just boring and so were the conversations. It is one of those cities that the girls let their Instagram illusion do all the talking but are very uninteresting in person. Even their personalities sometimes were a turn off. I seen girls reject and be very nasty to guys when I would go downtown, then turn around and be very nice to me with all smiles while playing with their hair. You would think I shouldn’t complain, but what that showed me is that the women there were selfish and only nice to certain people, a fakeness and that they genuinely didn’t have kind hearts. Cannot speak for everyone but those are not the type of women I want to introduce to my family. It just wasn’t the place for me.

Was in Orlando for a little less than a year when I started looking at other cities in Florida. Jacksonville I didn't like, Tampa had a nice beach but still felt too Orlando-ish then finally I got to Miami and OMG! if you are a single dude I highly suggest, and I repeat HIGHLY suggest Miami. I promise you will see and meet some of the most sweetest and most beautiful women you will ever see walking the face of the earth. In one month, I’ve meet more attractive and genuinely good women, then in my entire time in Orlando. Funny enough after I moved down, my bud from Lake Mary came to visit for a week. A few weeks later he paid his way out of his lease and moved down as well lol. Will warn you Miami is more expensive but what is great about the city is anyone can make it here. You just need to hustle and aggressively look for good pay. Moving here with a friend will definitely help financially. But honestly, for guys who puts effort into their appearance and preferably have a College degree, don’t even bother with Orlando, it's more for kids and social media junkies.


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