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Bellingham, WA
Hard to make it work
Posted On: 10/17/2011 11:40:03 AM
My wife and I have lived here for over six years now and we both have really struggled with it. We are outdoors people and moved up here from Southern California to experience a more outdoors style of life. The fact is, is that we have done considerably less outdoors activities since moving here, than we did when living in Socal. That includes rock climbing, hiking,biking, just being in the outdoors. Seem counter intuitive? It's the weather. The constant drizzly weather just makes you want to sit on the couch. We have both gained considerable weight-even though we are health nuts-and are totally out of shape. We were both pretty ripped before coming up here and were always active. We would do more in a month than we do in about two years here.
The paradox is that we love the town, very like minded people, love the culture here, but on an average day off, there isn't jack squat I am motivated to do as far as outdoors stuff. Sure they have beautiful greenbelts and such but it just doesn't do much for us. I am so dreading another winter here. If you are from just about anywhere else you will have a very difficult time here. This summer we only had 4 weeks of decent weather. Spring always sucks here, summers are cool and very short; don't expect to wear shorts very often in summer. Winter is miserable and fall is fall, windy, overcast and wet like it is 10 months of the year here. I call it permanent winter here.
We are generally very sociable people and tend to be liked, but I have yet to acquire one good friend. That has never happened to me.
Seriously, if you are worried about the weather than don't move up here. If you like sociable outgoing people, don't move up here. We love most of what Bellingham has to offer; but the weather and lack of social life is driving us off.

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Bellingham, WA

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