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Grants Pass, OR

I hate it and here is why you will too. < - 8/16/2019
I know this was the house it use to be red in the mid to late 90s. I was visiting my mother and she had to work on my visitation day so we all were sent to this woman for babysitting. I blocked it out through the years mainly because my mother told me to shut up and beat the ____ out of me. I told her I saw a Hispanic man about 5ft 4 inches tall molesting my sister Angie Harrison age 2-3. He was an illegal drug dealer/biker I have no idea what club but I could guess. The woman that ran the child prostitution day care was named Carol looks like alive oil mutated into a rat. She later became GM of Grants Pass McDonald on 6th street when I saw her again it flashed back the memory. I quit speaking to my mother after this and never really forgave her. She allowed it to happen and prob used it to pay for babysitting or split profit of her own kids. I thank god I was old enough to know wrong an right and told my father. He also told me to keep it quiet but I will never see her again if I don't want to. Carol or Karen is what she went by if you were a victim or your kids turn this person in she needs to pay for it. 589 Detrick Dr was her address since she owned the home I am sure it still is.

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