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Lexington, SC

Beware of the Snobs in Lexington, SC - 7/8/2015
Over the years Lexington has grown and there are indeed good schools, low cost of living, chain stores & plenty of churches. However, there is a high percentage of individuals who have an over-inflated sense of self-worth and there spawn are bullies. The schools in the center of town are over run with helicopter parents & holier than though stay at home moms. Of course their children can do no wrong...so they are jerks. If your child wears sweatpants to school, watch out...because the bullies will throw out words like white-trash and the like. The new high school here, River Bluff is being touted as the perfect utopian place, but buyer beware. They employ expeditionary learning, which does have evidence of being an incredible form of education...but...the school district does not understand that the reason EL works in programs like outward bound, are because the kids are broken, contrite and do possess a modicum of compassion. The demographic of the majority of the children that attend this school are spoiled and have no idea of what compassion really is, so I am afraid, they are going to fall on their faces. Traffic here is also very congested. However, if you like lakes and boating, this may be the place for you! If you want the amenities that Lexington has to offer without all the pretention, live out towards Gilbert.

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