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Durham, NC
No One I Know Likes Durham
Posted On: 3/25/2014 1:34:41 PM
Durham is strange, if you are black or yankey Durham is a great town but otherwise... This is a backwater one horse town that does not like locals. The main employer in town does not hire local people, they want the cachet of bringing in talent; if you do not work for this horse, you wait tables or work for minimum wage if you are lucky. No mistake there are people that make money here but they are only in one or two fields and certainly not native nor do they want to know anyone out of those fields. We do have expensive restaurants (that may not be any good), we do have the DPAC (if you want to pay 40.00 more than in NYC)and we do have plenty of bars, nightclubs and pop music venues. What the town lacks is a sense of community (excepting the aforementioned groups) this is one hard town. Not a place to find a date, make friends or make long lasting connections you will be as bored here as everyone else I know. There obviously a huge divide between Duke and the rest of us. The economy is so far destroyed that I have been trying to sell my house since 2000 and nothing. If you make the mistake of going to the ESC they will flat out tell you "sorry you are white I can't help you." Careful, black racism here is far more intense than white.

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