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Knoxville, TN

Oh my Lord..... - 8/3/2007
Most of my life has been lived in the North.
Moved to Atlanta for a job and lived there for 10 years....another job pursuit took me back to Illinois. After 12 months I realized that I missed the South very much. Decided to move to Knoxville, WHAT A MISTAKE...
have never seen such backwards people in my life....looking forward to move to Atlanta ASAP and leave this backwards, deleiverancesque place far behind.

Maryville, TN

Culture in Maryville - 8/3/2007
Have never seen such lack of culture in my life.
Religious Hillbillys everywhere and funny thing,
they don't know better.
Where in the world did this place and people come from ?

Lived here for 18 months...have not ahted to live in any place as I do here.

Maryville, TN

Culture ? - 7/20/2007
Non existent.....

Knoxville, TN

This is the "deep south"
- 6/18/2007
Never seen a city with almost 200,000 residents to be so backwards and lacking culture. Surrounding areas are pretty.

People ? Remember the movie Deliverance ?
Need I say more................

Maryville, TN

- 6/17/2007
Lived here for 15 months. Dumbest people I have ever seen in my 60 years of life.

Lack of culture permeates the area. If you are white trash you will feel at home.

Alcoa, TN

- 6/17/2007
Lived here for 1 year. Also lived in Illinois, Georgia, NJ and Pennsylvania.
This place is devoid of culture. Hill people everywhere.
Am 55 years old and have never seen such a pit.

Beware, if you move here.

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