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Springfield, MO

Springfield's not bad besides the cold weather - 5/5/2010
I lived in Springfield for 4 years while going to Missouri State University. I grew up in town of 1,000 population. To me, Springfield is the perfect combination of bigger city with not much crime. The worst thing about the town is the cold weather during the winter. That's the main reason why I moved from there. Plus, I was born and raised in the Branson area (an hour away) so I was ready for a change.

There are plenty of expressways and freeways so if the street traffic is bad, you can hop on the freeway and go two exits down. I now live in a beach town in Florida, and I miss having a freeway nearby, sob, sob. As far as all the comments about meth labs, that is a state-wide problem that I have never encountered personally. Springfield is like a bigger country town. The only thing I had to get used to was that big city aloofness if they don't know you but that's any bigger city.

As far as racial diversity, when I moved from there in 2003, there was practically none. I personally never witnessed racism there, but then again, there are very few minorities there so I was never really around many people of minority ethnicity. I will say that I have seen a lot more racism down here in Florida where I am currently living.


Springfield, MO

re: I need some information. - 11/14/2009
- 5/5/2010
I would recommend to Renee that she move to Kansas City or Saint Louis rather than Springfield. There is more racial diversity there so she would probably feel more comfortable. I went to college in Springfield (Missouri State University). The college is great.

Lynn Haven, FL

High Cost of Living, Small Job Market - 5/5/2010
This town, along with the surrounding Panama City and beach suffers from low pay and high cost of living. There are way more people than jobs. It is very seasonal on the beach, most of the restaurants are closed during the winter on the beach. In town, i.e., Lynn Haven, Panama City, there is nothing to do. You can do some basic shopping, they have the chain stores like Kohl's, Pier One, but there are few cultural opportunities. There are no concert halls, big museums, anything like that. The beach is about 20 minutes away. There is a paper mill in town that stinks up the town, makes it smell like rotten eggs. The big employer in the area is Sallie Mae and that will be closing down the end of this year or the beginning of the next due to the government taking over student loans. The job loss is estimated to be about 200 people.

Cape Coral, FL

I'm from Missour, I agree, Florida rocks! for cli - 3/21/2010
I don't live in Cape Coral. I am investigating different cities in South Florida and am trying to get an idea of what Cape Coral is like. I live in the Panhandle currently, and it is still colder than I thought it would be in Florida. My aunt lives in the Sarasota area, and it is warmer in the winter there. The panhandle is ummm, shall we say, behind the times. I am hoping that by going further south in Florida I can get more of a open-minded area that has more acceptance of diverse races/cultures. I am white, but I have friends who are different races, who are great, nice people. Anyway, where is a good place with pop of 100-300 thous with beaches nearby and decent cost of living? : )

Panama City Beach, FL

Don't move here---it sucks! - 10/20/2008
I moved here almost six years ago after my parents retired here. This area has been called the redneck riveria with good reason. I have never lived in an area where people are more racist and ignorant. fortunately for me, I am white so I generally get treated okay, but the attitudes towards minorites is really ignorant. IF YOU ARE A MINORITY, YOU WILL BE TREATED TO RACISM!! I would have moved a long time ago, but my mom does not want me to leave. But I am going to have to, as there are no jobs here. The only ones are mostly retail and a lot of the businesses employ people from other countries for next-to-nothing so there are few jobs for locals. The average rate of pay is $7-$8 an hour. A lot of people come down from other Southern states to visit, drive around in jacked-up trucks with the confederate flag hanging off the truck. There are no cultural activites here, basically the only thing to do is go to the bar and the beach. It gets chilly in the winter so the only thing left to do is go out to the bars where you see the same people over and over again unless it's spring break or in-season. Then you will see mostly rednecks. The only single men are mostly transients and alcoholics. There are no nearby big cities, unless you count Panama City with population of 30,000. I truly feel sorry for minorites who live here, I cannot imagine being treated to the racism that they are subjected to. I am currently looking for jobs in other areas so I can the hell outta here!

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