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Denver, CO

Great city - 7/10/2021
It is what you make of it. Denver has a ton to offer as a city, but you'll be missing out if you're not into the outdoors. Cost of living is okay, and the salaries are only going up. The city is green, clean, it doesn't have as many homeless as LA or Seattle. It has ski towns, hot springs, and Boulder is only 30 mins away.
I don't think legalizing marijuana was the right thing, however. Lots of slow people in Denver. Marijuana legalization has attracted lots of dough heads. Lazy crowds who have no education, manners and simply trash the place.

Four stars, overall.

Denver, CO

Creepy white straight men and damaged wom - 7/10/2021
This is funny and I've had similar attitudes from the tech weirdos. Those tend to be passive aggressive, unwilling to make friends, and they ostracize everyone who has an individuality, a personality. Tiny penises too, i bet.

Los Angeles, CA

It's the city of Angeles, but read on. - 2/8/2021
Okay, great points, why the 4 stars then? it deserves like 2 stars for beaches and weather, that's it.

Salt Lake City, UT

No. - 9/30/2019
Nasty air, lots of Mormons and the church does rule the place, though people claim Salt Lake is "liberal." Nasty, tribal attitudes, finding friends, socializing is really hard. Utahns can be very envious, they won't let you excel in a company if you are a smart foreigner. Wages are very low, tenants have no protection from landlords, lots of scumbags and lots of white collar crime in the area. Property crime is VERY high for this size of a city. Salt Lake is a "hidden gem", as they often say, if you're a boring person, or a tired pony in your mid 50's. Otherwise, it's a regressive, repressive place.

Some Pros:
Mountains, lakes, national parks.
Proximity of those.
No traffic jams.
Park City (no other prominent cities, really).


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