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Fresno, CA

re: I Was Bullied And Miserable Here - 1/13/2016
- 9/9/2016
Seroquel 200/300 & Jill. You are on point. My job only wanted to have availability to be back in California in the Northern part instead of Southern. It seems we have been going through the same changes. Well! This place is trashy and you will think you are in a third world country. Trash everywhere, disrespectful, rude people, and slum landlords who don't update their property. The apartments are infested with roaches and alley cats taken over apartment complexes. And they have the audacity to say Fresno is known for this when you complain because they want you to accept it. No one stands up for anything, they accept because they like living in trash. It's so bad, my coworkers don't live in Fresno. They live on the outskirts and will commute that almost 2 hour drive every day just not to live there. Hopefully I can get to Southern part, because out here, the city doesn't care about the quality of life for their residents.

Raleigh, NC

- 9/9/2016
Everything you have said seroquel 200 is right on point. Whoever reads the review, listen. It is not a lie. They will try to convince you their city & state is nice, but it's a facade. Sequel 200 u r so right. People are different. They are self centered and users. Yes, if you are from somewhere else, they hate you for no reason. Low morales. Women mess with same men and don't care. Hello, it's like they ignore STD is real. As a California native I lived there for 11 years. I just now left. So listen when I tell you, don't move to North Carolina, especially Raleigh because you will be miserable. Southern hospitality that is a joke. Southern California's have much more hospitality than North Carolinan's. Oh! And if you are a women, stay away from the men because they act like mitches. They don't want to work and want a women to take care of them.

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