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Plano, TX

Plano-my two cents - 5/27/2013
I have lived in Plano for 20 years now but have lived in California (LA area), the Midwest and the East coast. Lots of people say Plano is the best so lots of people want to hear the reviews heres mine:
1. The property taxes-the property taxes are high all over Texas but the rates here are about as low as you can get close to Dallas, a 200000 house will cost you about 3800 a year as of 2013.
2. The schools-most people rave about the schools here and they are decent. I had 3 kids go here from elementary through high school and they were all well prepared to handle college. I wish they had better fine arts and physical education though.
3. Crime- A very safe place with a very involved police force. I never worry about going out in my own neighbor hood no matter the time.
4. The City 'feel'- very very suburbia, fairly bland. Lots of stores, lots of restaurants, and quite a lot of traffic.Nicely laid out on with 6 lane roads everywhere. Easy to get around.
5. The people- this is kind of the rough spot. I have met lots of nice people here but the general attitude is one of preteniousness and very conservative. There is a general impression that everyone should be conservative wealthy and christian. It is not an impossible attitude to deal with but it can come off as rather cold.
All said, i have often recommend this city and Collin county as a good place to live if you are working in the Dallas area. Plano has lots of companies headquartered here and the commute into downtown Dallas is made easier by a good light rail system.

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