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Danville, VA

A mismanaged and miserable city - 4/5/2015
In my opinion, all of Danville's problems are rooted in their poorly managed government infrastructure. I have been here for 3 months and the entire time I've been here, the water has been largely undrinkable because of the presence of algae that causes a foul taste and odor and a cloudy white appearance. Danville has done little to resolve the problem. In addition, I was surprised when my first month's utility bill was $330 for an 800sqft apartment that I kept at 60 degrees in the winter and was rarely ever home in. When I spoke outraged to my coworkers about this, thry confirmed that that is actually the norm and that Danville utilities overcharges everyone. The downtown area is decrepit because the city does little to entice business growth. The landlords feel free to abuse you because the decent housing market is thin. If you're used to shared services like libraries, clean water, and a government you can trust, stay away from Danville.

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