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Goldendale, WA

comment on earlier posting: love this little town. - 8/30/2016
GOLDENDALE is loved by a very select, elite, and religious group. I withhold using labels to describe the mentality of Goldendale, but can describe the hostile treatment I have experience from the first day 13 years ago when I purchased property there and continues to this day. From this hostile treatment I can only surmise that others have experienced the same treatment and while the locals describe this town as slow, easy, laid back, and quiet they fail to mention the prejudice here than can only be compared to the Confederate South. By the way the Confederate Flag was displayed this summer (2016) during the parade to celebrate the County Fair. This is a nice area especially during the summer and there are recreational activities that suit young and old. Actually if you are the correct political, religious, and race you will be accepted into the community. However, fall outside these requirements for acceptance they will shun you. That has been noted in the comments placed by an earlier posting "I love this little town" which basically states if you don't measure up expect to be shunned. I would not recommend Goldendale as a place to move if you are different, in their opinion. If you or your family has not lived here for 100 years or more you would not be considered a local. I have been told to my face that I am an "outsider", and can only assume by this statement unworthy to become a resident here. And so far they have made that perfectly clear from their actions of prejudice. So is Goldendale a place you would like to live? Yes only if you fulfill their requirements mentioned above. Once they form an opinion of you you cease to exist and they make all efforts within their powers to make life miserable until you leave. This attitude is supported by the religious faction and enforced by city and county government which is, by and large,the main factor is maintaining these standards.
If you are "liberal" in any way Eastern Oregon and Washingtion state may not be such a good place for you. There are some good qualities about Goldendale, but not enough to make me want to live here. I regret I bought the property I did.
I posted a previous comment which was not posted, for obvious reasons, and speculate this will follow suite. I have a degree of fear when I visit my property when I manage to go there to make repairs and maintain the place. It seems a soon as the neighbors are aware of my presence some public official appears with allegations supported by accusations and innuendo supplied by a nearby the neighbor with strong ties to the local government. In closing let me reintegrate: keep in mind that if you consider Goldendale as a place to come live be aware of you might face. If you are willing to alter your lifestyle and "who you truly are" then you might be accepted.
Goldendale has it's problems like any American town, but the issues I mention here are below the tip of the iceberg. Beware!
Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion and experiences of Goldendale. I do have supporting documentation for the treatment I have experience however, it will probably be discounted as conveniently insignificant and inconclusive.

Goldendale, WA

glodendale: nice place to move to? - 8/29/2016
Read the two reviews before I made this commentary. The reviews submitted so far are from locals who have survived some economic hard times in the area. Both of these reviews make it appear Goldendale is a great community if it were not for the druggies, hillbillies, and Trailer trash" that the locals have to co-habitate with. Of course these are labels and once you label someone, or something, you cease know who that person, or thing, truly is because the "label" says it all so what else is there to know. With this in mind here is my experience with Goldendale. Approximately 13 years ago I bought property within the urban growth area of the city limits. I had (key word had) great expectations of renovating a building into a woodworking shop and offering instruction to anyone, (local, hillbilly, trailer trash), and a place to show their work. Friends in Hood River and The Dalles (50 and 30 miles respectively west) advised me of the reputation Goldendale has created for itself. Well I didn't listen and they were so right. I was met with hostility and lies from all of the neighbors, whom are considered to be upstanding community citizens. After purchasing the property I returned one day to find a fence had been erected 40 feet to their favor. I respond by having the property surveyed which confirmed my suspicions. Both the surveyor and myself were told , by the nieghor, in no uncertain terms, quote " I don't give a damn what you found, I'm not going to let some outsiders come in here and tell me what to do - I'll see you in court". This was my welcome to the community I received from the first day I arrived. We did go to court and with his local attorney and friend judge, was awarded 25 % of the best portion of the property in front of a commercial building despite what state law demands to uphold "adverse possession". In fact (and I have supporting documentation) all of the hostile witnesses who testified against me actually supported my position that the neighbors did not prove there case. There is a whole lot more to this than I can go into now, but the bottom line to Goldendale is: if you are a respected local with connections within the local government they will invent and make up the law as they go ( in this case they broke state law) to accommodate their own interests. So is it any mystery why the population is dwindling, there is no diversity of races here, the economy is wasting away (hence you need to travel 30 miles to The Dalles to shop, and vitally no one wants to move here despite cheap real estate. It makes anyone speculate that most of Goldendale's problems are self created. Recently the Sheriff posted signs warning drug dealers and druggies to get out of town rather than to offer help in the form of rehab.
In conclusion: is Goldendale a good place to move to ? I will let you determine that.
If you listen to what the local say, it's quite different from what they do. I cannot blame them for wanting to keep the community small and quaint, but it's the manner in which it is promoted. Recently the city received strong criticism in the Goldendale Sentinal for allowing the Confederate flag (two) to be shown during the parade celebrating the County Fair. If you are considered a local this is a great place. If, for any reason(s), they don't accept you, hell will rain down on you as it has me for the past 13+years.
I have had a long career in the medical field and am accostomed to helping and being a part of the solution, but the treatment I recieved from this community is cause to wonder if helping people was a mistake.
I want to gratiously and humbly thank this website and the internet for this opportunity to voice my opinion. I hope they publish it.
Thank you for showing interest


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