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Parkland, FL

Parkland is the BEST! - 9/16/2014
Let's face it, South Florida has really gone downhill fast in the past 5-7 years. Maybe it was the economy crashing, maybe it was the influx of crazies and weirdos to the area, maybe it was a failing job market, maybe its all the self involved parents who dont properly teach their kids how to behave in society because they themselves dont know..etc. Even the once beautiful and safe Coral Springs is now such a ghetto. Coral Square mall is downright scary, even in the middle of the day. So many shady looking people and hoodlums running around. Lots of retirees and drug addicts in Coconut Creek, lots of rude, selfish snowbirds in Boca, lots of gang bangers in Coral Springs. What the heck is wrong with everyone? Where are the cops? the teachers? the priests? rabbis? and for God's sake the parents of all these hoodlums??

At least Parkland remains clean and safe so far. The high prices are worth the benefits of the community not standing for that crap of letting their city just go downhill like the surrounding areas. Parkland Police and City Hall do a great job of keeping things in order and the residents dont mess around. Most homeowners have huge pride of ownership and the home owners associations will NOT tolerate and funny business. Yes some neighbors are entitled and act crazy. I have been in parkland for 30 years, yet most residents moved in 5-10 years ago and act like they own the place. They are ridiculous. The original residents (here over 20 years) are very down to earth and nice. The newer residents are snobs but they're idiots embarassing themselves with their behavior. so don't pay any attention to those losers.
I totally agree with the previous reviewer who said the people that have had to work hard to get to where they are in life are the ones who are down to earth, intelligent, and useful in the city while those who had everything handed to them are the ones who act entitled, loud, demanding, pushy, etc. This is true all around the world not just here.
Quality of life in Parkland is very high but then again, you pay all this money to live here, and you still have to live your life in the surrounding areas of Boca, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek and overall, I dont think its worth it to live in South Florida long term anymore. Its changed SO much and I dont see it improving. Walmarts on every corner attract more crazies, and druggies to our neighborhoods. Parents are raising these brats without discipline, manners or respect for their teachers, or society. everyone just needs a good kick in the butt. If someone reading this thinks I'm talking about you, I am. Keep it classy Parkland, you're South Florida's last hope.

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