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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library


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Bolingbrook, IL

HATE BOLINGBROOK! - 12/28/2010
what part of Bolingbrook do you live in? I have also lived here my whole life & personally witnessed the neighborhood go from a upper middle class to a low class "Ghetto-Like" neighborhood! it is NOT safe to raise children what so ever & if the economy was better I would move in a heart beat! the section 8 housing out here seems more then what Chicago has! Bolingbrook is one of the WORST High Schools is the Country with a horrible crime rate & high teen pregnancy rate, huge drop-out rate & a ton of gangs are now residing here! gotta love that phoenix program, nothing but gangs in that! if you choose to live with blinders on that's your problem but don't preach about Bolingbrook being any good, its a GHETTO! I have also lived at my current address for 15 years & watched my taxes more then double in a horrible neighborhood where the foreclosure rate & condemned rate is high! on every block there are several boarded up houses! we have had murders, robberies, rapes, etc... all in my subdivision alone! my kids cant walk to the park without being jumped! My friend had her gold chain ripped off of her neck while walking her kindergartner to class in front of the elementary school! My son was jumped & beaten up over someone trying to rob him! most of these kids seem to share the same life stories, Dad in prison, mom on welfare, etc... or the other one is the kids living with grandma because they were taken away from their mom & grandma cant keep control over them! They closed KFC & Arbys because of the violence that occurred there, remember some kids jumped another kid "rival gangs" one get got stabbed & the other got shot & died right in front of Burrito Loco! What about when the currency exchange got held up & someone was killed then too! or when some man went on a shooting rampage & killed an entire family by Oakview elementary school! Call the local Police Dept, they will tell you themselves!

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