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Looking forward to a life near the California Coast <3


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Enjoys: Walking on the beach


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Tucson, AZ

- 7/28/2012
I agree with L.J.B. (although I see it was posted over 2 yrs ago..)I was born and raised in Tucson for 48 years. The most activies that are available here are the 'outdoors, skyviewing, and hiking'. The heat here plays a negative roll on both catagories. Heat causes too many 'waives' in the telescope to view at times, and hiking is best in the cooler months. It's amazing that more than 50% of people that come here to hike are from out of town, and unaware of the 'heat' and never take enough water, cause you hear about it nearly everyday in the news. As for museums and such, most have closed up and out-of-business. About the only places that are flourishing here is bars, taverns and strip joints. As for others who quote remarks...question. Are you living here now, for how long have you been if you are, or did you just "visit"? Most of the residents I know here, say to have fun, you schedule a vacation "out of Arizona". Even if you stayed instate, your still traveling to another city other than Tucson to have a good time, like Tombstone, Old Tucson, or even up to Phoenix to enjoy 'their' water parks, cause the ones here are pretty much trashed. There is only 2 mini golf places, and more than half the time is either closed for repairs or half the functions are broken. This place is so down, that the air is loaded with everyone I pass smoking cigarettes and/or drinking cause they claim "nothing to do". Stress levels are extreme and as Ive heard and believe, Tucson is the place to come and die. Tucson's downtown is a 'ghost town'. Closed up. Streets have soo many pot holes and cracks, your car falls apart quickly. Although there are repairs going on...look at the history, the same roads have been under the same construction for over 5+ years with no change. Tucson refuses to allow freeways to cut thru the city, they want to keep just the one that goes all around the outskits of the city - I-10. No amusement parks that have made attempts to bring in a little life to the city were rejected cause the city doesnt want to look like Phoenix or LA. It wants to drain you of your money, but doesnt want to bring more money in from other sources. I can go on and on. I remember as a little kid back in 1970, even my mom wished she'd had never moved here, but became disabled and stuck. Us kids did all we could to keep her happy. The only time she was happy was when we were offered to go on a trip with friends out of state. My mom is in a way better place and I know she wants the same for us. Most of my family has departed this depressing town, and my turn is in January.

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