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Bowling Green, KY | 2 Review(s)

Born in BG, Ky....left for Texas 1978. EMS Executive-worked in Amarillo, Ft Worth, Seattle, New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York City, Rio Grande Valley (Texas), Wyoming...back to BG, Ky...Writer, music, proud uncle (2 wonderful nephews, they are the reason I came back). In a "flex period" hope to return to Texas very soon.


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Executive Management


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Reviews & Comments

Bowling Green, KY

re: Never Been Able To Adjust Here
- 1/29/2018
Coming back to BG after being gone 37 yrs from Texas, you eloquently describe the culture of BG (or lack thereof) and an arrogance that pervades this town that I don't understand. I've spent a lot of time in OKC and love the people of Oklahoma, besides Texans, (Okies are the best). I completely agree with your assessment of this area. I remember now why I left along time ago, and why I will be heading back to Texas soon. Good luck!

Bowling Green, KY

Worst of the worst - 1/29/2018
I was born in BG 62 yrs ago. I left at 17 and returned in 2015. Compared to Texas & the west, BG is the worst. If you like sunshine (I do), it is horrible in BG. Regardless of what you read, it is mostly cloudy 2/3 of the time, with rain, drizzle & some snow. The economy is primarily low wage service jobs w/a few factories thrown in. My industry (EMS), pays 50% of what I earned in Wyoming for similar asset management. BG may be the chain fast-food capital of any town this size, and ALL that entails. The University (Western Kentucky University) is very poorly ranked comparatively. However the local denizens have an arrogance that belies the quality of the school (you would think MIT is here). It is laughable, but troubling all the less. BG is loved by a lot of people that have not lived other places, therefore their comparisons are circumspect. The Healthcare is subpar for a town this size, luckily Vanderbilt is an hour away. Traffic is horrible for a town this size, jammed and crawling on the main road of commerce (Scottsville Rd). Overall, BG is an arrogant community, considering the culture, traffic, lack of quality healthcare, poorly rated university, & demeanor. Now there is nothing wrong with all of the above on face value, however to pretend it is MUCH MORE than it is, that creates a quick roll of your eyes when you know how much BG is lacking. Move here at your own risk. My time helping family will soon be over, and my last response will be borrowed from Tennessee Legislator, Davey Crockett, as I proceed west (at a high rate of speed) "You can kiss my ass, I'm going to Texas".

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