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Alpharetta, GA

Meh. - 8/11/2019
I’ve lived in Alpharetta for 13y. I was initially excited and open-minded about living in the South. (We are from Chicago).

The traffic is terrible. Urban planning is non-existent. If there is land to build townhomes on, they’ll get built, regardless of the lack of infrastructure to support it. There used to be a tree-save ordinance here, so houses built more than 15y ago have lovely wooded lots. Newer homes are void of trees.

There is little in the way of culture here, other than college football. Libraries and museums (in ATL) are a joke. The Alpharetta library was, until recently, a 500sf building with materials shoved on shelves in no particular order. The librarians claimed it just wasn’t possible to use the DD system here. The main library in ATL is full of books published before 1997 and people sleeping. There is little funding for public infrastructure and public good (parks, preserves, libraries, art, roads, etc).

My husband considered running for mayor with the platform of, “I promise to bring in one good restaurant.” It’s that bad.

Public education is poor, although some of the best in the state. It’s abstinence-only sex ed here. In 2019. We homeschooled for most of it, which more than prepared them for the lackluster experience in high school.

Most people are transplants. It’s still very white, very conservative, very southern Baptist.

I love the weather and being close to the mtns. But that’s about it.

Looking fwd to moving in 3y.

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