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Wichita, KS
Where people still matter...
Posted On: 4/10/2011 2:56:16 PM
Wow. For someone complaining about how rude, dirty, hypocritical and uneducated the people in Wichita are, you surely seem to fit the bill. If you have made any attempt to be involved in this community you might be surprised to find that the people of Wichita are very caring, family oriented and hard working. This may not be the cultural epicenter, but who can find fault for desiring to live a more simple life where family and home life is more important than the pursuit of trivial pleasures such as which sweet new nightclub can I find someone to hook up with.
Wichita provides a relatively safe environment and good school systems for kids no matter what part of town you live in. There is cultural diversity, plenty of shopping, restaurants, and activities to enjoy that revolve around the family. Housing is steady and affordable and the average commute is about 20 minutes anywhere in the city. If you are someone who is looking to live in a city that offers the convenience of big city amenities without the arrogant big city mentality and wish to raise kids in a place where morals still matter, then Wichita may be the place for you.
And to the former resident who has nothing positive to say, please leave and dwell in your own misery somewhere else. Who's keeping you here, anyway?

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