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Wyoming, WY

No children specialists in this State - 3/19/2020
I love in Riverton Wy. Nice place. But this in not the place to live if you have children that need any pediatric specialists.my Daughter is doing Chemo treatments and we have to travel to a different state to get treatment because they have nothing in the state of Wyoming. She has to go out of state to see an Oncologist a Pediatric ophthalmologist and also has to go to a different state for MRI’s they have nothing here for children. It is already expensive to live in this state and then you have to throw in travel and hotels and Gas and food. No one helps. So I do not recommend living in this state if you have kids cause anything can happen at anytime and there is no help for them here. Plus in Riverton the Hospital here Sage west is a joke and they were hiking up prices just to make a profit. They are a bunch of crooks. And. Their hospital sucked. Also they don’t help children either they told me they would have to life flight her out if she even had a fever to Salt Lake City cause they have no way of helping her if something happened. So think twice about moving here ??

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