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Rockport, TX | 9 Review(s)

I am an attorney, sometimes professor, who has lived everywhere, NY, CA, LV, IN,FL, AZ, CT and in different parts of Texas. I like old buildings with nice architecture and Rockport hardly has any. Pittsburgh and Buffalo have some great ones and they are amazingly cheap. Rockport is a great place to live - friendly - clean air - little crime and good schools (especially for Texas). Summer lasts 5 months though and a northern escape is a good idea.


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Reviews & Comments

Bonifay, FL

God is a woman and she pegs the devil - 10/20/2021
When someone is high on drugs they should find other things to do besides clutter up the board where sober people seek information.

Miami Beach, FL

Better to visit than to live - 9/29/2021
I like it cause its walkable. Bert in general doesn't know much and the biggest problem in Miami Beach is rising oceans. Just Google that. Its a nice place to visit - there is a fair amount of crime but also pretty parks

Longview, WA

Not a bad place at all! - 2/9/2020
I stay there often as I was buying land a bit further west in Skamokawa. Its not a bad place-plenty of stores yet not too much traffic. It has many scenic waterways. Dining is ok but would prefer more salad bars- an Indian Buffet would be nice. People are friendly enough. The town was economically depressed but as Seattle and Portland become too crowded and expensive, this area will grow.

Skamokawa Valley, WA

An undiscovered gem. - 7/24/2019
I've been here 5 or 6 times for about a week each over the past 18 months.

On the negative side it needs a closer supermarket.

Positives include friendly people who actually like to have new residents. This town is especially scenic as it lies on the Columbia River, yet few people have heard of it or its neighbor Cathlamet. Air quality is among the best in the nation and the 90+ inches of rain mean even I can grow things. Summer temps stay in the low 70's - maybe. ono day a month over 80. Winter is cloudy and dreary - like much of Washington. Land is not expensive.

Bent, NM

BENT NM - 7/7/2016
Bent is a small community about 12 miles east of Tularosa and 17 miles west of Ruidoso. At any given time its about 7 degrees warmer than Ruidoso, and 15 degrees cooler than Tularosa or Alamogordo.
Bent is divided by hwy 70-- north the temps are a bit warmer - to the south you have Nogal Canyon Drive which is one of the prettiest roads in New Mexico. Its a few degrees cooler too. Lots of horse farms, and green meadows. Fairly close-knit- its like a upscale version of the Milagro-Beanfield War. The story is this canyon was taken out of the national forest service by Woodrow Wilson to give to his cronies.

The big negative is phone and internet service are horrid as of July 2016.

Trinidad, CO

re: Trinidad Colorado in a nutshell - 7/23/2013
- 3/19/2014
Trinidad seems to have many old commercial buildings for sale especially on Commercial Street. My guess is the rental market isn';t so hot because of no population grown--anyone familiar with these buildings?

Niagara Falls, NY

NIagara Falls and specifically 11th and South Str - 11/19/2008
Niagara Falls is plagued by contamination for radioactive waste and dumping, high crime high taxes and corrupt politicians.

One would figure that a smaller town could improve whereas Detroit might never get better, but there is no evidence this is ever going to happen.

Real estate taxes need to go down first or people will not buy.

The falls are really great and that should motivate people but...

Does anyone know the area of 11th and South ? Is it average for the city? Better worse? There are 4 interesting buildings for sale on that corner although way overpriced- anyone know them?

Rockport, TX

Rockport Texas - 10/28/2007
Yes there is new construction in Rockport.

Rockport's economy remains vibrant because its perhaps the nicest coast town on the Gulf. Its beach is rated #1 in Texas by the EPA for cleanliness and its a friendly casual town. It reminds me of Miami Beach before it got crowded and crime-ridden. The schools are pretty good and its not quite as redneck as many small Texas towns. Lots of nature enthusiasts and artists, yet its only 30 minutes from Corpus Christi. Summers are hot despite the Gulf Breeze and this is the worst thing about most of Texas.

Lorain, OH

What's downtown Lorain like?
- 1/7/2007
Some people use this forum to vent rather than be objective. Whats the area like say between 4th and 10th st? I know its the older section but there is some residential. What kind of people live downtown? There are some great large old buildings for sale. Theres on old lodge on 400 washington and a church near 9th st. Anyone know those buildings?

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