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Mooresville, IN | 1 Review(s)

I figured out after my mother passed away that I had spent my whole life trying to be what she wanted me to be and now I am on a mission to be what I want to be! Which happens to be a knit, crochet and sewing designer specialising in beachwear and beach weddings. I have knit, crochet and sewn for over 26 years and recently started exploring education options w/in the field. I already have a BA in psychology from the Purdue School of Science that I can't do squat with. My spouse is an EMT and currently in school to become a Firefighter and Paramedic. He just retired from the Indiana Army National Guard on Halloween 2011 after 25 years of service. We hope to be able to afford to move to HI in a couple of years.


Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Creative/Design
Enjoys: sewing, knitting, crocheting, readiing, psychology, sociology, study of comparitive religions, animals, hunting, politics, interculteral communication
Website(s): www.artfire.com/users/KraftyKitty


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Indiana, IN

Great If You Are A Republican - 12/5/2011
Indiana made history in 2008 when it voted democrate for the first time in a presidential election in like 46 or 64 years...all though the state goes through periods where leaders work in a bipartisan manner like the senator team of center leaning Republican Richard Lugar and Blue Dog Democrate Evan Bayh. But like all good things that team came to an end and Mr. Lugar is left standing alone on Capital Hill defending the middle ground for those of us who still believe it exists. Rhe state wasted untold amounts of my tax dollars to amend the state's constitution to criminalize same sex unions. That was the deal breaker for me. Seperation of church and state does not exist here. Leave your union membership at the door. Expect everyone around you here to assume you did NOT vote for Obama. And don't expect the local high school to teach your children evolution side by side w/creationism like federal law mandates. They just see that as some no good outsiders oppinion...unless of course that outsider is Jesus Christ or one of his followers. Think Chicago's got gangster political problems? Who do you think it's little sibling Indianapolis learned from? There's still a lot of those old partnerships thriving here today. I thought that maybe when my generation got old enough we would help pull politics into the middle around here, but not enough of the old, white, rich, protestant, men have vacated their positions yet. Too socially conservative and Christian based politics here for me to wanna spend another 35 years here. Getting out ASAP

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