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Louisville, KY

Dirty and Shady City - 8/9/2019
Louisville is a town with pockets of charm, pockets of class, and large swaths of poverty and crime. The air is polluted so bad there is an app for phones now called “Smell my Air Louisville” where you can report off smells from all the factories. The traffic is terrible, and the crossing the river to Indiana will cost you an ungodly amount of tools each way. The summers are The spring is warm and wet with a plethora of alergens, summer is hot and wet with lots of mold, fall is less wet with constant temperature swings, and the winter is bone cold and wet with a lot of ice and a rare snow.

Liberty Lake, WA

Truly unique and Amazing Town - 8/9/2019
Liberty Lake is a rare find anywhere in the country. This town is a Tree City USA, with a small population, lots of big nice parks, lots of community events (awesome ones!), a lake, miles of hiking and biking trails, three golf courses, wildlife galore, and some nice little mountains around it. Shopping has improved a lot, with easy access to pretty much everything you could want as you are close to I90 where you can get to Cour DAlene, Spokane, or the Airport. We spent years traveling this country before moving here, and we have never seen a town quite like Liberty Lake.

Spokane, WA

Wonderful City to Live In - 8/9/2019
Spokane is a wonderful city. Less traffic and less rain than Seattle or the east coast. You get a beautiful four seasons here, with no season all that extreme (including winter - winter is just cold enough to have snow and lots of skiing. The south hill area is super unique, though there are loads of other great neighborhoods here. Unlike east of the Mississippi, you won’t find a truly bad neighborhood.

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