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Casper, WY

Casper Weather - 11/5/2014
As a lifelong resident of Casper, I feel it's only fair to let people know that we do have extreme winds for months on end! Many people are surprised even though they had heard it was windy. Winters can be difficult and if you're not used to the wind, it could very well send you packing. Some stay and others move on because of the wind. I personally like Casper (and I've been all over), but there are down sides just like anyplace. We do have a meth problem here and it seems the paper is littered with one arrest after the other from crimes associated with meth use and distribution. Oh, and if you're not a Republican, you wouldn't like Wyoming. It's the most solid Republican state in the union!

Casper is central to the state and has many fine qualities. It is an oil town but is diversifying and tourism is now a significant industry here. Housing is a bit hard to find unless you can afford to buy. There are new apt. complexes going up all the time though. It's certainly a unique place to live & work.

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