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Abilene, TX

This place is literally hell
- 12/20/2019
Great dissertation on not so small town America...… very amusing..... thank God not living there.... I bet all those God loving people are full of hatred towards anyone who is not like them.....

California, CA

All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
- 7/11/2019
Don't know if people realize that California is the 5th largest economy in the world (larger than the United Kingdom, Great Britain), thanks for the wonderful governor Jerry Brown and the so called liberals. It was the 11th largest before Jerry Brown became governor. So, with that said, thank California for one of the best standards of living in the country and the world. And to the ultra conservative right elements, I say, please go live in Idaho and the South where salaries are ridiculously low due to Republican influence (always against increases in minimum wage, affordable healthcare for all, racist and repressive against women and minority rights.

California, CA

not what i was led to believe
- 7/11/2019
Good riddance Dear! Why are you still here? Go back to the low wages in Texas and the South.

California, CA

Please Don't Move Here, We're Full
- 7/11/2019
Just need to get rid of the ultra conservative right elements and Mr. Trump and his cronies... thank the so called liberals for one of the best standards of living in the country. To the ultra conservative right, I suggest that they move to the 'prosperous' southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana.... you get my drift....

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