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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Full of Jealous and Lazy People - 12/21/2018
I lived here about 8 years ago and I can tell you this place was never good, but I had to return due to orking in medical field and getting pay upgrade with a hospital here after my residency elsewhere (What a mistake).

People here are generally lazy and I am Hispanic and since I have drive other Hispanics/Mexicans will try and bring you down if you are successful, usually by attempting to make fun of your success , excluding you, or trying to diminish achievments. (What we call "envidia") and there is a lot of it in this city.

Another thing I noticed after coming back here is the influx of negritos. I used to never see them , but now they hooked up with all the low class mexican women and have the mexican women pay all the bills and pay for an apartment so they are moving into sides of town they dont fit in because they have the ignorant mexican woman or a white woman paying for everything (dont tell me otherwise, Ive seen it too many times with my own eyes, restaurants, grocery stores, leasing agents in apartments have told me).

This city has taken a turn for the worse. Whats sad about the whole thing is while my fellow Hispanics/Mexicans are busy directing their jealousy towards me (a fellow Hispanic) all the negritos mocosos are taking their women. (In my opinion if the women are low enough to go itha negrito then that says a lot about their low worth.

A lot of this has to do with brainwash, just look at the ads in San Antonio magazine publications, always featuring a negrito with a white or hispanic woman and they make the negrito out to be successful, when in reality they are moochers (where is the representation for the succesful Hispanic male in advertising)

The thing is Hispanics spend too much time tearing each other down and not enough energy supporting each other. This is why the negrito has been able to weasel their way into San Antonio which is historically a Latino majority town. Didnt help you foolish people elected the idiot Ivy Taylor who wasnt qaulified to flip burgers, but elected for politically correct reasons.

Sadly after all this came to light I ended up looking for and successfuly finding another hospital in another city to work in after I completed my residency. Looking back I now realize San Antonio is a doomed city and I am glad I left. Its really sad that my home town is no longer home, but a place taken over by trash. Well, good luck to anyone who is thinking of moving there.

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