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Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne is not a place to live! - 10/22/2011
The city is ran by greedy morons and does everything to line pockets of the city council members and do their personal agenda. The city, council, politicians, especially mayor Tom Henry, uses the city for his/hers personal gain and affluences. They do not treat the citizens with equally or with justice. I don't blame major corporation for pulling out. The city treated them (as citizens living in this city and the company) as bad as it does its tax paying blue collar workers/ citizens (us the 99). Fort Wayne has to be one of the worst places to live. Surely do not come here for the weather. It may have cheap housing here, but tell me why do we have such a high rate of homeless here? Something is really wrong here in Fort Wayne. Air and water quality is bad here(look at EPA statistics). Stress level for this city is about the highest in the nation and there is no quality here, just cheap house, but jobs here do not pay enough to make it worth it. A Lousy City and a poor excuse for "All American City" as they once claimed.

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