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Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Healthcare - Medical & Dental Practitioners


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Clearlake, CA

My experience was mixed - 6/21/2010
Look, I agree with many posters here who say Clearlake is beautiful, the way of life is slower paced and relaxed, and the air quality is good. For 2008-09 I lived and worked there, enjoying all of that. However, there's some truth to the 'ugly' rumors and there are reasons they persist. Clearlake has a larger percentage of drug users than even I am used to seeing. I see a lot due to my profession, and was astounded at the percentage of users and addicts for such a small town. The rumors of meth use are overstated. It seems to have been replaced with prescription drug abuse (e.g. OxyContin), which was sadly seen in too many folks while I was there. Upon move in, I also noticed our BBQ grill was chained to the porch of our rental home. The owner replied that the prior had been stolen. I have never lived somewhere where I had to chain my grill to my home. We also had a 'smash and grab' incident with our car while enjoying the lovely Anderson Marsh--we were walking through it for merely 30 min. The local police said that happens because the Social Services building is next to the park. Said they had a good idea who it was from camera surveillance and store witnesses but failed to arrest anyone--perhaps small town protectionism? I do think it is gorgeous landscape and the lake is NOT rash-inducing, but it needs time and courageous town folk to deal with the bad elements. Those negative items stick out and linger in one's memory after visiting Clearlake.

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