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Washington, DC

The worst - 8/31/2021
Living in DC long term brings on a kind of insidious misery. A long, slow, simmering down of any natural optimism or desire for a better future. It’s a leach of a town full of awful, smug, self centered people with more money than sense and the weather is extremes of every example. Every spring and summer, scores of outsiders descend on the town to voice their grievances, like anyone but them cares. Angry protesters who take over your backyard and trash it because they are mad about the environment, or Trump, or Biden, or whatever. They bring negative closed mindedness and get in your way while trying to go about your daily routine. The traffic is truly unreal. A total, inescapable, nightmare from hell that drains your very will to live on a daily basis. It’s expensive as hell to live here, if you are an average working person. To live in a decent area you must have regular payments from your rich parents, be rich yourself, or make so little that you can get the district to pay your $3,000 a month rent for you. Everyone is extremely uptight and boring, never has any fun and spends all weekend solutions fixated on Monday morning. They commute for hours to some mid wage soul leaching office jobs that grinds them to little nubs. Nothing is ever open and you would think that COVID was the end of all times for how badly they lost their brown word over a little cold.

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