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Dallas, TX

Homeless problem, pollution, horrible weather - 11/21/2019
After 13 hellish years in the Dallas area, we have finally had enough. I'm grasping for something positive to say about it, but I'm coming up blank. It is one of the worst places imaginable to live in America, and I say this with the authority of someone that has lived in areas from coast-to-coast over the years.

I come from Alabama, where there is racism, sexual discrimination, high crime and general prejudice against anyone that isn't rich. Dallas is worse. Much, much worse. Everything about it is ugly.

Our kids were older when we moved here, and my wife and I thank our lucky stars that we didn't have to raise them here when they were little. My reasons range from the poor schools, the racism, the high crime, the dangers of physical altercations when some good 'ol boyah's kid will deck your kid for not being republican. It is that bad.

The thing here is that most of the population that spends a good portion of its paychecks on plastic surgery, something that is pushed heavily on every other billboard and tv commercial here. Dallas is a city created by fakes, lived in by fakes, and promoted by fakes.

City traffic has grown increasingly bad especially in areas north of downtown. There are sharp divisions between classes that rival the caste system in India. The population seems to consist of rich people, and poor people pretending to be rich.

Every time you walk outside you are assaulted by extreme weather that is bad enough to kill you. The stinging insects are abundant - chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks. We are afraid to let our children play out in the yard and have to keep our big dog cooped up in the house and on a leash at all times when he's outside because if we allow him to play in the yard, he comes in covered with disease-carrying ticks. We dislike having to treat her with chemicals, but that's what is necessary if you live in Dallas.

The quality of the air in Dallas is determined by the billions of cars you see everywhere. Most households have 2-4 cars. Nobody walks anywhere for fear of getting hit by one of them because this city has some of the worse drivers in the world. Tailgating at 80 mph is common. If you've ever traversed the city streets of Mexico City and its chaotic traffic, you ain't seen nothin' compared to Dallas. Traffic backs up during rush out, gets stuck when the weather is bad, completely shuts down when there is an accident, and there are frequent accidents because the drivers here are the most rude I have witnessed anywhere.

Imagine having to spend your life walking from one airconditioned environment to the next. That's what it's like here. Most of the people are fat because no one can get any exercise unless they get into their cars and drive to the gym. Any good gym membership in the Dallas area is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

There are goons walking the streets and roaming malls with assault rifles. They all have bumper stickers that brag about their gun rights. We also have legal rights to toothbrushes here, but I have yet to see a sign promoting them, and more than a few people don't use them. Hillbilly stereotypes are based on reality.

This is not a good city for kids. It's not a good city for adults either. It is overcrowded, polluted, searing hot, bug infested and has a homeless problem developing that is getting out of hand. If I could have left a minus 50 star review, that's what I would have left.


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