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Atlanta, GA

The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!! - 6/5/2018
The "A" is NOT all that it's cracked up to be!! Why? Cost of living, auto insurance, traffic, drivers, people, roads, pay, lenox mall, transit, buckhead, atmosphere, weather, activities and food/service - +

Cost of living - without sounding harsh.....IT IS OFF THE CHAIN HIGH!! Sure you can live in South Atlanta, Mabelton, Austell or other "high crime" low income areas and pay under $900 but you won't be a white person living there!! For affordable and safe housing, you will pay over $1400 for a 500 square foot studio, yes a studio!! All the new apartments that have gone up over the past two years, a one bedroom WILL run you $1500-1900 for a basic 600 sq foot apt. or if you are adventurous and want to live in midtown or buckhead, that could be a lot more!! So yes growth is great but when they don't pay folks, the cost of living is WAY to high!! Now, yes you can live 30 miles away and pay almost $1200 but then tack of ware and tare of your car, gas, more frequent oil changes, tire ware etc., and of course the over one HOUR commute!!

Pay $$ - Yes, some jobs pay but if you are looking to make over $60k+/year - move on!! It is not here, at all!! The A is like a wanna be "big city" but still has small town mentality!! Many of your big companies simply DO NOT PAY!! The offer great PTO but not pay....PTO doesn't pay my bills.....so again, check the market before you move!!

Auto insurance $$$$ - is so dumb....why?? Because of the stupid drivers around here....I know bad drivers are everywhere - distracted on the cell phones with texting....these drivers here really CANNOT DRIVE!! I mean that!! So that is why auto insurance is so high....I got, no lie, a $30 hike in six months....the top highest counties for insurance are: DeKalb (Decatur and others), Fulton (Atlanta of course), and Cobb (new stadium is there) so if you are living one place, be mindful to have to pay higher in insurance!! for instance I am over 30, no traffic infractions, new car and pay $160 a month! Seriously, I took a driver safe test to lower it and it's still $150 -

Traffic - just a nightmare!! These folks really have NO idea how to drive!! Bottlenecks for no reason and there is just always traffic. REALLY that is not a lie - some of the expressways have 8 lanes (with HOV) mind you and it's still a nightmare!! When it rains....hold on!! WRECKS everywhere....I blame the city because their roads (will speak upon that below) are so bad!! Not taken care of and can barely see lines on the roads, expressways are terrible and for that street signs are far few and in between!! The A has: I75, I85, I275, GA400, I575 and I20 (I think I am missing some)......They are all a hot mess!!! just be patient and know you will be in traffic!! With the growth boom, side streets are not any faster anymore :-( May the force be with you!! Keep WAZE on all the time!! It will route you a lot!! Wrecks are everywhere so let WAZE be your BFF if you move here!!

Drivers - dumb, distracted, do not signal, do NOT LET YOU IN, (the FOUR D's) they ride the shoulders (at 60+ mph) cops do nothing!! They also will cut you off, drive wayyyy to fast (I go 80+) so if you are flying past me....well, you are just an idiot!! NEVER leave the "passing lane" it is a passing lane so if I am faster then you - MOVE - Regardless, they NEVER move for you!!! They are RUDE really which doesn't surprise me since the ppl here are so rude! You wonder why the insurance and accidents are terrible around here!! Just be ready for dumb and dumber on the roads!! ALL ROADS!!!

People - I will keep this as nice as I can - RUDE, TRASHY and lazy!!! Homeless ppl are everywhere - be mindful!! There ain't no "southern charm" here at all!! It's a mix of rude, nasty people who really can careless about you!! The most unfriendly bunch of people you will ever meet......head to Buckhead and those booshie rich folks will make you feel a certain type of way!! Just remember, if you come here nice, you will leave here mean!! There are so many BAD pockets around here!! Like a lot!! Bankhead (google that), South Atlanta (East Point, Cleveland Ave, Union City, West End, College Park - anything near the Airport) Austell, Mableton, places near Boulevard (set to be gentrified around 2020) The list goes on.....anything near the new benz stadium....Vine City, be careful with places on Northside Drive or around Joseph E Boone or Joseph E Lowery!! Again BAD pockets EVERYWHERE!! These are the run down cities that the libs don't want ppl to see when they see the A ooh how deceptive they really are!!

Transit - SUCKS!!! MARTA only goes so far. (north springs and Doraville is as far north and the airport is as far south) The west rail ends where you really don't wanna be anyway (Bankhead or HE Holmes) The east line takes you are far north as indian creek! It only goes so far because the rich white folks in the burbs think they will get murdered LOL - So that is why traffic is still a nightmare!! MARTA buses will cut you off, run you over and really, well just don't care about anyone but that big ole beast on the roads!! MARTA is not safe at night!! It's not like NYC transit.....you get on MARTA after 10 p.m., you BEST keep your head up, phone down and eyes everywhere!!

Roads - not sure when they fill pot holes but the roads here are TERRIBLE!! Mind you, I do live downtown so most of my time on the roads are around here and midtown! They are just really bad!! The roads are poorly constructed and very narrow at times! Actually no matter where you go roads are a hot mess!!

Lenox mall - not sure what the draw is but folks it's NOT all that!! Take the drive to Perimeter Mall - way nicer and better - enough said on that :-) Phipps isn't all that either!!

Buckhead - an endless sea of rude, rich people who think they and their precious Audi's are more important and valuable then you.... yeah so NOT my cup of tea!! Buckhead is also a TRAFFIC nightmare!! Roads make no sense and I guess folks think they are going to see the real house wives or run into some other non-important "celeb" and that is why they move there!! Keep going....Buckhead is way overrated!!

Atmosphere - not sure how I would classify this!! I can say this, mid-town is a very gay place if that is your thing and you can see how festive it is by the $200k they spend on a side way on 10th and Piedmont!! Yup close down a shelter but paint a sidewalk - hmmmm....priorities!! Many gay bars, clubs and gatherings...if you are gay, midtown is for you......Amsterdam area and Virginia Highlands are big areas for that - The atmosphere here is always popping if you like to party!! Something is always going on here.....Maybe they do that so people really won't see how bad the city is. Be mindful the A has such a bad habit of scheduling everything at one time - doesn't impact our wonderful traffic - said no one ever!!

Weather - HOT summers (they don't call it HotLanta for no reason) - it will warm up in late April - early May and stay HOT until October - mid November (still 80's) humid humid humid......really not much of a fall or spring but from January through March, WOWZERS, the weather is stunning!! Not cold but a spurt every now and then. When it "snows" please don't drive!!! these folks CANNOT DRIVE at all and give excuses as to why it's so bad!! It's quite laughable.

Food/Service - Food is reasonably cheap compared to other big cities....the service however...is usually terrible!! A lot to choose from and the food is great!! Atlantic Station is by far the WORST in service!!!

Activities - one of the BEST things here is the things to do outside!! So many trails, parks and places to walk, ride or hike!! The beltline is by far the BEST ever!! they are expanding and hence the reason they re-gentrified some areas. Couldn't have the beltline going through bad areas....LOL the out of state folks would have never replanted here!! Again, you can "fix it up" but see my comment on ppl above!! But really so much to do - Chattahoochee Trail, Silver Comet, Belt Line and so many many many more!!

Jay Walkers - only thing here is IT WILL NERVE YOU!! Yes, they have the right of way but honestly do not care about the cars!! Cops again, do nothing and if you are near any hot spot, watch for people!! In the cross walks, not in the cross walks, cussing you since you almost hit them!! It's so annoying!! It's really really really bad!!!

Movies: production happens a lot and can cause some gridlock!! Fun part, you may see a celeb or two!!

GREAT places: Old 4th Ward (O4W) (re-gentrified) , Cabbage Town, Grant Park (re-gentrified) , Inman Park, Candler Park, Virginia Highlands, East Village (re-gentrified) - reynoldstown (re-gentrified) - I would look into the areas that have been (re-gentrified) that way you can see how FAR the A needs to come in order to be a SAFE city!!

Crime - just keep your head up!!! Enough said on that!!!

Anyway, if there is something i missed, feel free to comment!! Atalanta is not the worst but it's certainly NOT the BEST!!

Happy Hunting and I hope this review helped you!!

Clearwater, FL

re: Lovely place, paradise! However...
- 6/5/2018
as a new yorker, I find your comment RUDE!! go mediate somewhere else! WOW - "northeaasterners" are not loud mouthed....that was really uncalled for!!

Clearwater, FL

re: Tired of Florida
- 6/5/2018
Funny - I used to live in Fl for over 22 years...moved for "seasons" are there really "seasons" anywhere anymore lol - anyway, I have lived in Atlanta for a while now and am looking to move back!! If you are looking for "seasons" without such a harsh winter, the A would be perfect! Keep in mind, it's expensive here though. Average, safe neighbor cheapest for a studio $1500-1600 - auto insurance sky high, traffic is a complete nightmare....I'd consider leaving Fl...its really still affordable and you don't realize how you miss the "summer" and "summer" and summer season lol when you don't have it anymore!! Happy hunting.......GREAT areas in the A are: Old 4th Ward (O4W), the highlands, Virginia highlands, midtown, Candler Park, Cabbage Town, Grant Park - stay away from Buckhead (over priced and booshie) -

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